Remotivs Access allows your employees to return to their work environment whenever they need to. You deploy desktops where you need them, when you need them. Remotivs Access is the fastest, easiest and most secure way to connect employees and contractors to data, applications and the corporate information system. No other solution on the market can connect teleworkers to critical corporate data and applications in less than an hour, with this level of security and audit and history capabilities.

DaaS 2.0

Rapidly deploy secure workstations integrated with your information system


The Access module complements the Collab package and allows companies to create virtual rooms and offices in the cloud instantly. The solution brings together all the technology and tools needed to enable employees and teleworkers to access the company’s infrastructure through a unified platform that is easy to use, secure and meets regulatory compliance and security requirements.
This SaaS platform, deployed in the cloud, consolidates and controls the infrastructure through dedicated and encrypted connections that replace VPN connections. Unlike traditional VDI and DaaS solutions, Remotivs Access centrally manages firewalls, storage, user resources, and security and access policies, and allows remote workers to use their personal devices while ensuring the security and integrity of corporate data and information systems.

Secure authentication

Remotivs Access provides a convenient, safe and secure method of biometric MFA authentication (multifactor authentification), with or without a password, to ensure that the person logging in remotely is who they say they are. It uses the latest artificial intelligence technologies and fully complies with the RGPD regulation and the CNIL recommendations for the storage of biometric information. Biometric components that can be used include fingerprints, voice prints and facial recognition.

The deployed workspaces work as a virtual and secure extension of the company’s information system, hosted in the cloud. More security, more control, better segmentation, faster and easier deployment and significant savings on software licensing costs are the key benefits of Remotivs Access.


Remotivs Access offers three complementary packages. The Workstations package enables the rapid deployment of teleworking positions while securing access to data and applications. The Biometric Authentication and Voice Authentication packages allow for the secure identification of teleworkers.

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