The need for real-time collaboration increases significantly as teams grow, especially as companies adopt teleworking. WCS Europe’s teleworking solution turns your employees’ devices (computers, smartphones, tablets) into a telephony terminal associated with their business number and allows them to interact via multiple channels. A user can, for example, turn a phone call or instant messaging discussion into a video conference with a single click, share a document on his screen for presentation, and make participants feel as if they are in the same room. Participants can ask questions in real time, receive answers and collaborate effectively to make the right decisions faster. In addition to its advanced telephony and collaboration features, the solution also includes a virtual meeting room for secure HD audio and video conferencing with messaging and screen sharing for up to 200 participants.

Remotivs Collab Basic

Give your users a telephone communication solution on all their workstations: PC, smartphones, tablets
Compatible with all you devices
Collaborate with any device in any situation.
Receive your business calls directly on the device of your choice (Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS) wherever you are.
Cloud telephony
Remotivs Collab integrates with your existing SIP telephony.
As an option, we can offer you access to a hosted SIP server and a geographic number range.
Secure calls
To meet the most stringent security requirements, all sessions are encrypted with TLS, SRTP and HTTPS protocols.


Simple deployment

Remotivs Collab includes advanced deployment tools that allow you to configure user profiles through a comprehensive administration interface.

Remotivs Collab Plus

Boost your communication and collaborate more effectively with presence management and instant messaging.
Contacts and company directory
Integrate your personal and company directories to facilitate your calls (LDAP, Outlook, Google,…)
Instant messaging
Exchange instant messages with one or more colleagues. Create discussion groups for each team and collaborate effectively.
Presence management
Quickly see if your colleagues are available, on the phone, busy or offline.
File transfer
Transfer files via instant messaging to one or more people

Remotivs Collab Premium

Start a collaboration session with one click and securely. Create an invitation in your calendar and invite participants to join you.
HD Video Conferencing
Hold collaborative sessions in high definition, share your screen, exchange messages and documents with participants.
Screen sharing
Share your screen in video collaboration sessions.
Dedicated meeting room
Each user has a dedicated virtual meeting room accessible through a unique link.

Quickly start an on-demand meeting or schedule recurring meetings.

Recording of meetings
This feature allows the host to record both audio and video of the meeting simultaneously. The audio portion of a meeting can also be recorded locally by any participant.


Remotivs Collab telephony offers end-to-end encryption of your communications. Your entire softphone fleet can be configured from a comprehensive administration portal.
Remotivs is also compatible with the main OS on the market and works with all computers, smartphones and tablets.

*Requires the use of a SIP compatible telephone communication server. If you do not have a communication server, we can provide you with an optional hosted telephony service and a geographical telephone number of your choice.

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