Remotivs Infra includes an endpoint equipment installed at the teleworker’s home. Connected to an ADSL or fiber box, this equipment is used to prioritize business traffic over non-priority traffic (e.g. online games, video-on-demand, etc.) generated by other people sharing the same Internet access. It ensures that sensitive traffic such as voice and video has the bandwidth and quality of service (QoS) needed to participate effectively in online meetings (e.g., video conferencing). Application signature management also enables prioritization of specific flows for many applications (CRM, call centers, etc.). An LTE modem or a smartphone can also be connected to the equipment to maintain connectivity in case of Internet access failure.
The installation of the equipment is “plug and play” and can be done very easily by the teleworker. Configurations and updates are managed centrally with a web administration platform.

Working with a residential internet access

Ensuring the comfort of the teleworker
Remotivs Infra prioritizes sensitive traffic such as voice and video, as well as business applications. The teleworker has all the bandwidth he or she needs to participate in video conferences and access corporate resources, even if the Internet access is shared with others.
Provide support
Remotivs Infra monitors all endpoint devices installed at teleworkers’ homes and triggers alerts in case of an incident. Web-based diagnostic tools allow support teams to intervene remotely in real time.
Ensuring connectivity
When residential internet access becomes unavailable or its performance degrades, Remotivs Infra uses mobile networks to maintain connectivity.

Ensuring safety

Secure access
Remotivs Infra uses zero-trust mechanisms to secure network access through granular traffic control and trust perimeters.
Protecting resources
Access policies are defined for each teleworker, application by application.
Protecting teleworkers
Powerful built-in security features (application filtering, stateful firewall, content filtering, 802.1x…) protect teleworkers from cyber threats.

Reduce costs

Removing VPNs
Remotivs Infra deploys over existing residential accesses and creates a secure transport layer over any media (Ethernet, LTE, WiFi…). The costs associated with traditional VPNs are simply eliminated.
Simplified support
Configurations and upgrades are managed remotely with a web-based platform that includes powerful diagnostic and troubleshooting tools. Support teams have full visibility into network and endpoint device status as well as metrics on WAN circuits, applications and flows.
Remote deployment
Remotivs Infra is specifically designed for remote users and integrates all services in a discrete device. No additional software or hardware is required. Configuration and deployment of endpoint devices is done remotely and centrally. From the teleworker’s point of view, Remotivs Infra is similar to an Internet box.


Remotivs Infra pricing is based on an annual or tri-annual subscription. This includes the endpoint equipment.

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